Learn How to Tackle Cyber Crime Before Cyber Crime Tackles You

Whether you want to learn about cyber security to protect your business or to level up your career, our online training courses were designed for people who aren't IT experts and make it easy to learn cyber security.

What sets Cyber Easy Learning apart?

Cyber Easy Learning's courses were developed specifically to help non-techies overcome the barriers they face when it comes to learning cybersecurity.

For non-techies

We eliminate the biggest hurdle most people face about cybersecurity training

Exclusive access

Access to our courses is available exclusively to members of the Cyber Easy Learning community

Expert instruction

Our lead instructor is a former top CISO for some of the world's best known brands

Learn on the go

The members' area and course videos are optimized for mobile so you can learn on-the-go

Specialized content

You won't find courses on the topics we cover available anywhere else on the web

Excellent support

If you run into any issues or have any questions about the training, we'll get you sorted out fast

Industry Leaders Have Spoken

Colleagues, in the environment we are in today it is imperative that you have a working knowledge of the Cyber space. This program will give you the necessary tools to hold your own in a C suite discussion. Dave is a master at being able to explain in plain English what you need to know. This is an investment in your future.

Ray O'Hara

Vice President, AS Solution

This kind of training is crucial for developing a more rounded and informed security professional equipped for the problems of today and tomorrow, not yesterday. This is simply the only program I am aware of that delivers what is needed, in a language everyone can understand.

John A. Petruzzi

Vice President, G4S

This program is one of a kind, it gives the attendees a real foundational understanding of Cyber Security and leverages their existing security knowledge to accelerate the learning process.

Tim McCreight

Partner, Risk Rebels

Cyber Easy Learning Course Catalogue

Here are the courses we are currently offering. Check out the description and click on the links to see more detail on any courses that interest you.

Security Office on Patrol

Cyber Security For Physical Security Professionals

This is the first course specifically designed to help physical security professionals learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, so they can take the first steps towards crossing the physical/cyber security divide and prepare themselves for an exciting and rewarding career as an in-demand 360-degree security professional.

Protecting Physical Systems from Cyber Attack

Protecting Physical Security Systems From Cyber Attacks

This program provides visibility into how hackers compromise computing systems and explains the steps they take and the weapons they use. This first involves explaining the general attack methodology and attack tools and techniques that are used to compromise a system.

Selling to the CISO

Selling to the CISO

This program provides visibility into how CISOs themselves say they want to be approached and how they absolutely do not want to be approached. The program first involves understanding the world of the CISO and takes a deep dive into the roles, pressures, and accountabilities of the CISO.