Are You Finally Ready to Level up Your Security Career – and Your Earning Potential – by Taking the First Steps on the Pathway to Becoming a Highly Sought-After Cybersecurity Consultant?

No background in technology? Break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of terms like malware, phishing & zero-day attacks? No problem. This one-of-a-kind course was developed by a former physical security professional who saw the writing on the wall & realized the future was in cybersecurity. And in this course, he's going to share with you – in plain English – how you can use your existing knowledge & experience to connect the dots between cyber & physical security…just as he did…and take your first steps towards a career in cybersecurity.

Dear Physical Security Professional: 

The world of the security professional – whether cyber, physical, life safety, risk management, or other – grows more and more complex every day with the advent of new and advanced technologies and ever-increasing threats.

And while much of the cybersecurity world seems like a mystery shrouded in technological buzzwords and an endless stream of amazing new devices, the reality is that you don’t have to be a technical genius to understand the fundamentals of cybersecurity or to make a difference in protecting your organization.

In fact, it’s easier than you think to cross the physical/cyber divide because your physical security career and knowledge provide the foundation on which to build your understanding of cybersecurity risks and how you can protect your people, information, and protect against those risks.

Cyber Security for the Physical Security Professional is the first course specifically designed to help physical security professionals learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, so they can take the first steps towards crossing the physical/cyber divide and prepare themselves for an exciting and rewarding career as an in-demand cybersecurity professional.

Inside This Course

This course is packed with the kind of information you need to take your existing security knowledge & experience & start connecting the dots with cybersecurity.

Common physical security activities & their connection to cybersecurity
The business impacts of cybercrime
Basic to advanced cybersecurity terminology & how to pull them all together
How to relate physical security architecture concepts to cybersecurity defenses
Attack terminology & attacker tools & techniques
How malware spreads & how organizations can protect themselves
Linking physical and cyber together in an operational way
How new technologies create new & unknown cyber risks for organizations
The dark web & how hackers utilize this safer space to conduct criminal operations
Actions you can advise on – and take – right away in your organization
And much, much more

What People Are Saying About This Course

Meet Your Instructor

Dave Tyseon

Dave Tyson has spent 35 years in the security profession – the first 15 of which were spent working for a variety of contract security firms in a wide range of roles – from mall security to Vice President of Operations. 

He has spent the last 20 years in the cybersecurity space, where he has distinguished himself as one of the leading voices and has held leadership positions with eBay, Nike, PG & E, and SC Johnson & Sons

Dave is also a past President of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).

Take a Sneak Peak at What's Inside

Cyber Security for the Physical Security Professional comprises 15 modules and 14 quizzes that you should be able to complete in approximately 12 hours. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be issued a certificate of completion.

Module 1

1 – Background & Level Setting

An introduction to the course content and program instructor, along with an overview of the changing business world and the impact on security and what the implications are for the security practitioner.

Module 2

2 – The Basics

An introduction to the basics of cybersecurity theory as a grounding to build the course material on, with a focus on common physical security topics and their connection to the cybersecurity world.

Module 3

3 – Component Parts

You’ll expand your growing cybersecurity knowledge by learning about the protection of cyber systems and data and discover the component parts of the cybersecurity makeup of people, process & technology.

Module 4

4 – Terminology Building Blocks

Explore basic cybersecurity terms, buzzwords & concepts as a starting point for learning some of the more advanced terminology used in most information technology departments today.

Module 5

5 – Security Architecture

Learn about cybersecurity architecture fundamentals & gain an understanding of a simple way to relate traditional physical security architecture concepts to cybersecurity defenses.

Module 6

6 – The Weakest Link

You’ll get to know about the cybersecurity management models & their similarities to physical security concepts. And you’ll also gain a more advanced view of the management of cyber risk.

Module 7

7 – The Advanced Bits

We’ll explore cybersecurity management and the decision-making model for managing, mitigating & accepting risk. And we’ll also take a look at attack terminology & attacker tools & techniques.

Module 8

8 – Malware

You’ll gain a solid grounding in malware, including how it’s used by hackers & criminals. You’ll also discover how organizations get malware & how they can protect against it.

Module 9

9 – Who & How

You’ll learn about cyber adversaries, the “bad guys” who attack organizations, as well as the threat sources & attack methods they use. You’ll also learn about targeted attacks & the added risks they pose.

Module 10

10 – The Economics of Attacks

We’ll delve further into the financial drivers & implications of targeted attacks, key factors that make hacking & cybercrime so widespread and successful. And we’ll also introduce the Security Risk Curve.

Module 11

11- The Digital World

Learn how new technologies – like the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D & 4D printing, virtual currencies & blockchain technologies, drones, machine content creation & more – create new & unknown cyber risks that organizations are forced to confront.

Module 12

12 – The Dark Web

We’ll introduce you to the murky world of the dark where, where hackers “meet” to conduct criminal operations & cruise dark web markets to buy & sell their tools & stolen goods. We’ll also explore the risks that anonymizing technologies post to organizations.

Module 13

13 – Web 2.0 & 3.0

We’ll take you through a history of the Internet itself & how it has evolved over time through different generations of technology known as Web 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0. We’ll also explore how the Internet has been a tremendous benefit for the business side of cybercrime.

Module 14

14 – Information Security

You’ll learn about the typical Information Security (InfoSec) teams & functions as we explore different roles traditionally found within InfoSec functions. We’ll introduce you to the InfoSec lifecycle so you’ll better understand how the process of cybersecurity works.

Module 15

15 – What You Can Do Now

We’ll close out the program by detailing out actions you can advise on – and take – right away in your organization. We’ll also present best practices, tips, tricks & resources for continual learning. Finally, we provide checklists for key resources you can access.

Key Program Features

Here’s more of what makes Cybersecurity for the Physical Security Professional a great investment.

Course completion time is estimated at approximately 12 hours
Certificate upon successful completion
Acceptable for CPE Credits
Accessible on any device
Module-based learning
Quiz-based progress tracking
Perfect for non-techies
Lifetime access to the course
And much, much more

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