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Security Office on Patrol

Cyber Security for Physical Security Professionals

This is the first course specifically designed to help physical security professionals learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, so they can take the first steps towards crossing the physical/cyber security divide and prepare themselves for an exciting and rewarding career as an in-demand 360-degree security professional.

Cyber Easy Learning Testimonials

Protecting Physical Security Systems From Cyber Attacks

This program provides visibility into how hackers compromise computing systems and explains the steps they take and the weapons they use. This first involves explaining the general attack methodology and attack tools and techniques that are used to compromise a system.

Selling to the CISO

Selling to the CISO

This program provides visibility into how CISOs themselves say they want to be approached and how they absolutely do not want to be approached. The program first involves understanding the world of the CISO and takes a deep dive into the roles, pressures, and accountabilities of the CISO.

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