Selling to the CISO

What You'll Learn

The best way to identify, manage, and win sales opportunities at the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) level

Who This is For

Any members of the sales and marketing team, as well as any relationship manager, looking to improve their skills in building relationships with and selling to CISOs.

Delivery Format

CISO Insights - Selling to the CISO s is delivered entirely online, so you can enjoy the lessons at your convenience.

Are You Ready to Learn How Identify, Manage, and Win Sales Opportunities at the CISO Level?

CISO’s are the first line of defense for all technical and data systems and have a growing role in business governance. Effectively selling to a CISO takes a specialized understanding of their environment and needs.

Selling to the CISO, or any senior cybersecurity leader is a tough challenge because they are bombarded every day by random, unconnected and irrelevant sales pitches that quickly make them jaded and untrusting.

They are technically adept and spot the slightest weakness with little effort. Those who approach CISO’s with the standard tired sales approach are doomed to low success rates, low loyalty, and high volumes of no decision deals.

Selling to the CISO is a cutting edge and one of a kind program designed to explain the issues associated with selling to Cyber Security customers from the customer’s perspective!

This program provides visibility into how CISOs themselves say they want to be approached and how they absolutely do not want to be approached. The program first involves understanding the world of the CISO and takes a deep dive into the roles, pressures, and accountabilities of the CISO. Once that is in understood, then we explore the distinct types of CISOs and the common mistakes made when approaching them. Finally, we demonstrated a simple but effective technique for profiling your target and suggest an approach method to greatly increase your chance of success.

Selling to the CISO arms you with the skills and knowledge to dramatically increase the chances of you succeeding in communicating to the CISO in their language and landing more CISO opportunities.

Is This Program Right for You?

Selling to the CISO may be right for you if:

  • You are trying to expand your network of CISO customers
  • You are responsible for selling to cybersecurity leaders
  • You lead sales teams that sell to cybersecurity leaders
  • Your concerned about the performance of your sales program in selling to CISO’s, building and maintaining relationships and reducing no decision deals

What You'll Learn

This program highlights the most critical issues, approaches, and examples of how selling to the CISO is a unique audience and needs to be approached differently than other cyber leaders.

It will explain how cybersecurity leaders say they want to be approached and how success rates climb dramatically when this approach is followed.

Who Should Participate

Any members of the sales and marketing team, or any relationship manager looking to improve their skills in getting access to and building relationships with CISOs.

If you are a salesperson actively selling to CISOs or you are a sales manager in the same field, this is the program for you to increase the opportunity to increase sales.